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"Everybody has secrets. . . and that's what I write about."

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The darker side of the post-Roe era . . .

Jesse Pérez’s fifteen-year-old pregnant niece from Texas shows up on his doorstep in Central California seeking help. Still grieving from the death of his husband while raising their ten-year-old son alone, he is plunged into the politics and law of post-Roe America and a showdown with his estranged evangelical family.

" . . . a timely saga of finding family and overcoming prejudice."         –BlueInk Review

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Bill VanPatten

Award-winning Author

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About Bill VanPatten

Bill is a former award-winning scholar and academic in language acquisition and bilingualism. In addition to writing fiction, Bill has performed standup comedy and with the right venue, still doesespecially if that venue has killer vodka martinis. 

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