A Novel 

Winner of the 2019 Kops-Fetherling Silver Phoenix Award for best new voice in fiction, this story chronicles the unlikely bonding between two men, one of whom claims to be Poseidon, Ruler of all the Seas.  

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Seidon's Tale   


A Little Rain

A Novel 

In the town of Mañana in Central California, a gay teenager's first love becomes an obsession--and the consequences take his family to the brink.


Sometimes You Just Know

A Novel 

A thirty-year old, lacking in self-confidence and believing himself unlovable, learns to let go of the past and lean into life. 


Looks Are Deceiving   

A Will Christian Mystery

It's a hot summer in the small town of Mañana in California's Central Valley, and the bodies pile up. Are they victims of hate crimes--or something else?

Winner of the 2022 Readers' Favorite International Bronze Award for LGBTQ fiction. 


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