About Bill


Bill is an ex-academic turned author and winner of the Kops-Fetherling Silver Phoenix Book Award for best new voice in fiction for his debut novel, Seidon's Tale. His latest novel, Looks Are Deceiving, has received critical praise for its well-crafted mystery format and its underlying social message. 


A native of California, Bill has been enriched by experiences as a Latino and gay man.  His time as an accomplished academic allowed him to lecture in almost all fifty states as well as Europe, Mexico, South America, and Australia. He's learned a lot about people in those travels and that no matter where you find yourself, people have secrets--the seeds of fiction. He left academia in 2018 to pursue writing full time.

Bill has always had a passion for stories and is the award winning academic who co-wrote the best selling educational telenovela, Destinos, as well as the movies Sol y viento and Liaisons. Yes, growing up with two languages and learning French as well paid off. He writes in both English and Spanish.

Part of his story telling includes making people laugh. While living in Chicago, Bill honed his comedic abilities and began to perform standup. He rarely gets to perform these days (we can thank the pandemic for that) but is willing to make an appearance at a conference, party,  or cocktail hour. Go ahead and contact him.  You can always entice him with a dry vodka martini.

In the meantime, Bill works steadily on his novels and short stories--weaving gay and Latino characters into central roles, generally with surprising endings.