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Praise and Reviews

For Looks are Deceiving


“A top -notch, deliciously readable mystery. . .” –The Prairies Book Review


“. . . a cozy mystery/thriller with an unlikely and admirable hero, and a meaningful message. . . Loved it!” –Reedsy Discovery 


“A highly readable whodunnit that’s well grounded in social issues.” –Kirkus Reviews 


 "A well-executed mystery with an engaging main character. There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing who the killer is. The subject of racism is impactful and stays with you long after you've finished the book." Judge, Writer's Digest 2021 e-Book Competition 

"VanPatten delivers a compelling and simply unexpected story that reveals how psychopathic minds work. Fans of mystery crime novels will definitely love it." –Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

". . .by grounding a fictional work in reality, author VanPatten lends serious weight and stakes to his novel, transforming a simple mystery into a work of important cultural commentary, which is a rare feat in the genre." –Self-Publishing Review ★★★★

"VanPatten keeps the cat-and-mouse murder mystery plot in constant motion in Looks Are Deceiving, gradually accelerating the pace as it moves closer to amateur investigator Will Christian solving the crimes." 4.8 stars. –IndieReader

 ". . .this is a terrific roller-coaster ride that readers will find immersive." BlueInk Review

"VanPatten has a natural, easy-flowing writing style that smoothly advances the plot, raises questions about the investigation and touches upon social issues. . ."–BookTrib



For Seidon’s Tale


“Following the lead of authors like Madeline Miller and Rick Riordan, who pen modern mythology-based fiction so well, Seidon’s Tale depicts Poseidon as a complex but kindhearted god who loves his brothers and sisters almost to a fault.” –Kops-Fetherling Silver Phoenix Award, 2019


“The pacing is fantastic and the narrative flows effortlessly. Lovers of Greek mythology will love this never before explored sides of the gods and their very human emotions.”

–27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-published Book Awards

"The author flawlessly weaves fantasy and realism in a way that recalls Neil Gaiman's American Gods, breathing life into ancient mythology and bringing significance to Jake's empty modern existence . . . The fast-paced action throughout the book leads to a meaningful and satisfying ending for the characters and readers alike."–The US Review of Books

"Four out of four stars. This book has a well-written and fast-paced plot that does not deserve a lesser rating."–Online Book Club

“. . . the new life VanPatten breathes into old Greek legend carries the story along . . .

This is an enjoyable tale likely to please fans of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Mary Renault’s historical novels or similar works.”BlueInk Review

For A Little Rain

A Little Rain is a textbook slow-burn storyline where author Bill VanPatten peels back the details in a deliberately methodical . . . narrative.” Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

"An emotional, reflective, and engrossing novel. A Little Rain is a melancholy exploration of the unfortunate effects of discrimination and denial, for a story loaded with import and meaning that is conveyed with sensitivity, without being overly blunt or sentimental. All told, this is a stellar family drama with a compelling mix of contemporary issues, powerfully emotive writing, and twist-driven mystery." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★

"A psychological thriller with flashbacks that propel the story forward to the present, Bill VanPatten’s A LITTLE RAIN delves deep into what makes its characters tick."Indie Reader, ★★★★★


". . . hard to put down. . ." –Reedsy Discovery ★★★★

"The pacing and tension are superb, along with the well-timed twists. The final chapter is a well-earned jaw-dropper. The story is a slow burn, and yet keeps the reader turning pages." --Judge, 31st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

For There Go I


"There is a sense of a personal touch to each of these tales that, when combined with VanPatten's intimate writing style, creates a body of work that is thoroughly riveting to read." Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

"These intimate tales prove worthy of the accolades for his previous stories and novels . . . illuminating and impactful stories in which devastating pasts are righted in decisive presents show literature changing and shaping cultural mindsets for the better."–The US Review of Books

"Those familiar with author Bill VanPatten’s work will relish his immersive take on small-town California, but for everyone else, THERE GO I (A Collection of Short Stories) is a fitting introduction to an exceptional writer." –IndieReader 4.6 stars.

"You hear the word 'secrets' and immediately associate it with some kind of suspense drama, or thriller with twists and turns. Then there’s the work of Bill VanPatten, who creates fictitious characters – likely amalgamations of real-life people and experiences – and thoughtfully explores their enigmas with style, sensitivity, beauty and grace. He does it in his new collection of short stories entitled There Go I, ripping the bandage off lifestyles, emotions and, well, not-so-well-kept secrets in and around small-town California." –BookTrib

For Sometimes You Just Know


"VanPatten writes his characters in such a way that you will not be able to help yourself from falling in love . . .With many heartwarming, awkward, funny and even heartbreaking moments, Sometimes You Just Know is a rollercoaster of emotions as we follow Arnie on his journey of love and self-discovery." –BookTrib


"While this romance is a page-turner, it is a slow burn full of tension-building character encounters and plot twists, all set in convincingly real world and lives and building to a satisfying (yet somewhat unexpected) conclusion. Fans of character-driven contemporary fiction with strong romance angles will find much here to enjoy." –BookLife (Publisher's Weekly)

"Sometimes You Just Know takes a simple story and delivers a powerful message about finding the inner strength to do what is right even in the face of overwhelming odds. " –Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

". . . a diverting, uplifting, and satisfying tale of romance and personal redemption." IndieReader 4.5 stars.

"VanPatten has a real eye for human social foibles and a piercing sense of character, telling his story in an easygoing, natural manner . . . A novel full of heart, credible characters, authentic dialogue, and tear-jerking surprises, Sometimes You Just Know is likely to appeal to anyone who likes realistic, funny rom-com romance that feels very true to life."–Self-Publishing Review 4.5 stars.

"I highly recommend this book . . .  entertaining, filled with emotions that touch the heart. This is my first read by VanPatten and . . .  I’ve added his other books to my to-be-read pile."–QueerRomance Ink 

For Refuge


"VanPatten delivers a tale of harrowing suspense that will keep readers hoping that human kindness, love, and justice will win in the end." –BlueInk Review

"An earnest and positive novel that explores heavy topics."–Kirkus Reviews

"VanPatten makes it easy for readers to feel the often-conflicting emotions that come with complicated families . . .Through VanPatten’s rich characterization and assured storytelling, readers will be moved by these convincing, relatable characters and how they handle everything thrown their way—and still live to love."—BookLife (Editor’s Pick)

". . . immensely engrossing . . ."–Reedsy Discovery 

". . .  written with warmth, humor, and enough plot twists to keep the reader from becoming complacent."–The US Review of Books

". . . a timely novel as it focuses on the issues currently sweeping across America . . ."–Readers' Favorite 5 stars

". . . a rewarding, affecting, disturbing, and memorable work with significant social commentary." IndieReader 4.5 stars

". . . a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love in the face of adversity. With its rich tapestry of emotion and thought-provoking themes, VanPatten’s latest novel is a stirring call to action for readers everywhere. This is a book that demands to be read, its message echoing long after the final page is turned."—BookTrib

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