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Video and Media

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"The Douglas Coleman Show"

Check out the latest interview on the Douglas Coleman Show

"Read Lots
Write Lots"

I had a great time during my interview with Deidra Lovegren.

"Indie Reader Interview"

A brief interview with Indie Reader. Enjoy!

"Author's Hour"

Listen to The Author's Hour, a radio show dedicated to writers. Bill was interviewed by the host, Wayne Barber.  May 10, 2022.

"Seidon's Tale. . ."

We ask Bill to talk about his award-winning first novel, Seidon's Tale.

"Secrets. . ."

Bill talks about the basic source of his ideas in this short video clip. 

"Looks Are Deceiving. . ."

Bill answers questions about his second novel, Looks Are Deceiving.

"Michael Leeser Talks to Bill"

A former student interviews Bill and asks him about his career in academia, the switch to fiction writing, parallels between the two, and advice he has for students and aspiring writers.
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